Welcome to Jibe.

To Jibe means
to agree, to be in accordance, to integrate...
..it means to
to understand legal in the context of business...

... and to move between strategic vision and
tactical execution seamlessly.
Let's Work Together!
"The strongest, most capable software attorney and also M&A attorney that I have ever worked with."
Paul Broft
Senior Director, Salesforce
“A smart, practical and hardworking GC fully capable of managing legal and corporate secretarial matters.​ I recommend him without reservation."
Dean Freed
General Counsel, Mentor Graphics
“With Jibe, we have scaled our business without having to hire an in-house legal and compliance team. Jibe turns work product in hours instead of days!
Josh Brown
VP, Finance

Meet Jibe.

Together, we have over 20 years of brass-tacks, roll-the-sleeves-up executive experience.

We’ve run in-house legal departments and held C-Level positions for high-growth, well-funded technology companies.
Our Experience
Founding Partner
Robert Scott
Our Experience
Founding Partner
Bonnie Page