Legal Expertise

Meets Operational Excellence.

Years of Operations Experience.
Years of

he difference between greatness and mediocrity is focus, attention, and persistence. We understand that what looks like talent or skill is often persistent focus and careful preparation. This is how we approach our work with clients.

Every firm says they're client focused. We make our client’s lives easier. What that means to us is that we respond quickly, we speak simply, we explain thoroughly, we listen carefully, and we make our advice actionable.

We have high standards. We believe that high standards are contagious; people are drawn to high standards. Our clients and associates choose to work with us because of our high standards.

    Let's Work Together!
    Our Values.

    Deliver Real Value.

    We're obsessed with delivering value.  Why?  We used to be consumers of legal services. Nothing gets us going like padded billing entries, hours upon hours billed to research, or firms using client time to train associates. ​Our work product will provide your company with what you need, when you need it, and for real value.

    Build Trust.

    Trust is essential. No business can succeed with out it. ​We believe that, to develop trust, we must show you our competence, reliability, integrity, and communicate clearly and often.  Nothing is more valuable to us than the trust of our clients, partners, associates, and community.

    Be Unbelievably Accessible.

    We know that the business environment changes rapidly and so does the legal environment.  We are committed to being there when you need us and responding to changes in your business or changes in the macro environment quickly and accurately. ​We are committed to thinking fluidly and applying new information or context to the legal practice so that you get the right counsel for your business.

    Billing Philosophy.

    At Jibe, our billing philosophy  transcends hours and invoices.  It’s less about money and more about integrity.

    Services fees are a big part of the reason we created this firm: to deliver value. As chief legal officers, we represented our clients as buyers of legal and technology services.  We have worked with low-budget vendors and regretted it.  We have worked with Ivy League lawyers and cringed at hourly rates over $1,000.  At the end of the day, we had to defend our budget and represent work product to a board of directors.

    We know how to right-size a project based on our clients’ risk tolerances and budgets, because we’ve been there.

    We encourage all of our clients to consider their representation options carefully. While our firm is structured around value, we may not be the cheapest option you can find, but we definitely will not be the most expensive. We commit to delivering value, meaning that we would be happy to be on the receiving end of the invoice.  

    We know that with each project we perform for your business, or each contract we negotiate on your behalf, we made your business a little more valuable.