We Focus on Solutions.

Jibe is your in-house legal, compliance, information security, and risk management teams, fractionally.
We have a team of resources – from contracts managers to general counsel to information security professionals – who provide the right experience for the right project at the right time.

How We Work.

Jibe is an in-house legal and compliance team.  We aren't a traditional law firm and we aren't a legal staffing firm. We build you a legal team to meet your business needs.

Scale Your Legal Team Up or Down.

Our teams are flexible. We can build a team around a single workstream or we become your legal department. You can scale your team up or down as needed - whether that means a busy quarter or a specific project.

Legal Expertise Meets Operational Execution.

Because we've been in-house, we not only deliver sophisticated legal advice but also execute on legal and compliance project plans.

How We Provide Value.

We use a blend of executive-level, senior, and execution-level resources, along with technology, to provide cost-effective legal solutions.

Pay for Productivity.

We're a virtual firm - which means our rates are competitive. And, with our team, you're not paying for unproductive time or layers of administrative staff.


We use a technology platform to manage client projects -from contract management to our Privacy by Quarter solution. Our platform creates workflows and automates high-volume activities, and playbooks allow us to provide consistent work product at lower rates.

Contract Management Solution

Contract management systems are expensive. Plus, your legal and IT teams have to support and manage the system to realize the ROI. Without support and maintenance, companies rarely realize the value of the system they implement. We have a better solution.

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Mergers & Acquisitions; From LOI to Integration.

Together, we've closed nearly a billion dollars in M&A transactions. Our sweet spot is technology M&A transactions.  Our expertise includes venture capital, private equity, debt, convertibles, SAFE, and alternative financing structures.

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Privacy & Data Protection Solution

We've managed information security teams, ran SOC and ISO information security audits, implemented data privacy programs, and negotiated every type of data privacy agreement. We'll help you build trust with your clients by creating transparent and consistently followed privacy practices.

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Corporate Governance

Jibe provides a range of corporate governance services from incorporation to dissolution and everything in between. We can build a corporate governance program for your team to facilitate compliance or shareholder oversight.

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General Counsel Services

We provide fractional general counsel services to high-growth companies not ready for a full-time general counsel. With over 20 years of executive legal experience, we've already tackled many of the legal issues your business will face.

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Technology & Product Counsel

We know technology. We can advise on a range of technology transactions and product-related matters that impact your product roadmap or sales cycles. ​

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The companies we work with place a high value on their employees. However, in the increasingly remote environment, it isn't easy to keep up with ever-changing employment laws. It's easy to get tripped up. We can help your people team ensure compliance.

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Intellectual Property

If you're a technology business, intellectual property is your business. We can help your team ensure that your intellectual property strategy not only protects but also enhances the value of your business.  

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Legal Project Management

We have 20+ years of business management and operations experience. ​ Our wheelhouse is managing operational improvement projects for legal, privacy, and information security, and human resource teams. ​

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